Gadia Aluminium (P) Ltd. is eastern India's premier aluminum utensils manufacturer and extrusion trading company. Since 1998, Gadia Aluminum has been eastern India's premier aluminum utensils manufacturer in the aluminium utensils market.
Quality, Capability, Service - More reasons why Gadia Aluminium should become your aluminum supplier of choice.


At Intellect Tradelink we provide creative and innovative design to produce animation both for TV and web animated contents.

Our services can be broadly classified into cartoon characters, flash animation, cartoon flash backgrounds, e-learning, flash games, action script and flash websites.



Our constant endeavor is to be updated with latest technology.

We develop application using Adobe Flex, as Flex is a highly productive, open source framework for building expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops, and operating systems by leveraging the Adobe® Flash® Player and Adobe AIR® runtimes.


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